I am passionate about paper and love creating wearable jewellery and interesting artworks. Many of the paper strips are hand cut and I like to use old books and specially selected papers in my designs. Each jewellery item is handmade - durable, lightweight, water resistant, totally wearable and unique.

I am inspired by an old art form known as quilling or paper filigree and involves the use of paper strips that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. It takes time and patience but is always exciting and satisfying to see how something evolves.



A range of handmade statement jewellery and artwork made from paper strips. 

Caring for your jewellery:
All jewellery items have been given several coats of varnish to make them water resistant. However treat your items as precious and they will last for many years.  They will survive getting caught in the rain but don’t wear swimming or in the shower!

I use stainless/surgical steel or nickle free findings were possible as they are suitable for sensitive skin.  Different findings can be accommodated upon request.


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